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The Story

The original concept behind the Cloudmaker Whiteout took form during a cross-country plane flight: a fully-customizable PV that permitted users to design their own vaping experience. We first shared this idea with the internet community at the start of 2015, and the overwhelmingly positive response pushed us to make that vision a reality. We corresponded regularly with the community throughout the Whiteout’s development process, and user integration will continue to be a central focus of our business as we grow. Our story has just begun, and we hope you’ll play a role in it too!


The Vision

We strive to bring products to the vaping community that inspire creation, awareness and innovation. The ever-accelerating pace at which new hardware is introduced means that cutting-edge devices are technically obsolete in only 6 months, forcing vapers to constantly replace their personal vaporizers to keep up. Rather than exploit this treadmill effect for profit, we set out to create a device users can actually keep! With our modular, upgradeable design & supporting build kits, the Whiteout can accommodate new trends in technology. That means, instead of looking out for your next new device, you can finally perfect the one you have.

The Movement

We believe that the future of vapor technology is dependent on community-driven innovation, and such a movement requires an open-source, future-proof and endlessly customizable platform. Our dream is to inspire the growth of a true maker community around the Whiteout More than just a product, we’re creating a means of empowering vapers to realize their ideas about their perfect vape. In service to that community, we’re releasing our CAD files, developing open-source firmware, and creating a Knowledge Base. By putting the tools of creation in the hands of a self-motivated, informed community, we hope to elicit a paradigm shift in the vaping industry.

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